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A small list of great folks in the SharePoint community that I follow
This is the link to my expert blog at the AIIM SharePoint Community. 
If you are a SharePoint Developer and you don't know Andrew you aren't a SharePoint Developer.  Go to one of his presentations and keep up with his lightening IQ - I dare you!
Musings on technology, management, and life by a true SharePoint evangalist.
Lots of cool tools and fun stuff.
This is Paul Culmsee of Seven Sigma Business Solutions' blog. Great stuff on both the technical and business process side of the IT world.
I met some of this team at SPC09 - they are smart, funny and give one heck of a presentation!  Go Excel Team Go!
Fabian G. Williams is a SharePoint Architect at CDW Advance Technology Services Information Worker Practice.  He's an all around good guy and you can follow him on Twitter as well. @FabianWilliams is his handle. 
Heather Solomon is THE reference for SharePoint design.  Read her blog - Go Now & do it!
SharePoint & Commerce server stuff
Smart & technical; a great read.
This blog exists to share my technical understanding of SharePoint Server in the hope of educating and helping others to do more. The community has created amazing blogs, features, and solutions. This is my humble offering to that body of knowledge.
If you don't know Joel, you don't know SharePoint. Period.
The Association of Image and Information Management has an outsanding conference each year, usually on the east coast. They cover all the topics in Enterprise Content Management and have good classes as well. Plus John and his crew are just nice people.
Joy is a great and fun person I've met through Twitter and the SharePoint community.  Her blog is a good view of an administrators daily woes & solutions.  Plus she's really funny!
Kris is a great resource in the Chicago area.  Check out his blog.
Laura Rogers is an member of SharePoint 911 an avid Tweeter.  She is helpful and can make SharePoint stand on its head without cracking open Visual Studio. 
SharePoint branding and design blog. Gracious author of clean SP2010 master pages for the downloading!
Blog by Gary Lapoint (@glapointe) on automating all sorts of things in SharePoint using Visual Studio, Powershell and other tools.  Great geek reading.
Without this team I'd probably be doing something else - how depressing.  Critical information cometh from this fountain of knowledge.  Tap in.
Eric Shupps' Blog
Mike Watson's Blog
Todd is a wiz at all things SharePoint, especially administration and SQL management.  He now works for SharePoint 911 and hosts a weekly video show on Stickcam. Don't miss it - its informative and the audience has been known to make me laugh out loud more than once!