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October 01
Microsoft Whitepaper: MOSS Performance Optimization

Just when you thought you were done with all your bed time reading Microsoft releases this must read white paper on SharePoint performance optimization.  

After reviewing it I think it is important for anyone planning or knee deep in an enterprise level implementation of SharePoint.  Basically Microsoft is telling you, "Hey, our SharePoint installation is HUGE and it was exhibiting performance slowdowns.  Here's how we isolated and repaired the problem."  I don't know about you, but if MS wants to show me how it thinks, troubleshoots and speeds up MOSS I'm all ears.

Some seasoned IT professionals will find the discussion on how to isolate the problem repetitive but it is always good to be reminded that best practices are called that for a reason.

No matter what, if you're administering SharePoint you should read this whitepaper.. that is in my humble opinion!  Get your PDF copy at the link below.

Microsoft IT WhitePaper: SharePoint Performance Optimization


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