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November 10
SharePoint & Training

Put on your thinking caps folks!  How does your enterprise get it's training material?  Well a dedicated MOSS site for all your training needs is a great idea!  Apparently, my enterprise thought so too since they've approved a build of a corporate university site.  We'll be doing a special branded design and collecting all the training content that is available throughout our enterprise. 

Think about the ways that people need to develop their expertise in their jobs... there are technical training needs, corporate information and other items.  Get a team together of the relevant stakeholders and start designing a site.  Make it fun and where you can incorporate video, surveys and other distance learning techniques. 

Training is a much under attended to portion of every environment and the collaboration and portal tools of SharePoint can rectify that with ease.  This is also a great way to drive adoption and put into place governance of this information.

Post your ideas here for training portals and education! I'd love to hear them!



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