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November 16
SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon)


Hello All!  I wanted to note that there have been some great updates to the website for the upcoming SharePoint Technology Conference that is happening in January, 2009 in Burlingame, CA. 

They have posted a
list of all the classes that will be held at the conference. WOW!  I was in SharePoint heaven picking out my agenda for those 3 packed days.  I thought there was a great balance of intro to deep level classes with speakers who's names you'll recognize from the MOSS blogosphere. 

The best feature and a smart one from the event production team is
10 Tips for Getting Approval.  This is a handy guide for getting your boss to pay for your trip out to San Francisco and send you to this fun affair!  More event organizers should take a nod from these folks since not everyone is familiar with pitching the Powers-That-Be on something like this.  Plus if you register before November 21st you'll get an extra discount.


I'll be sacheting into my boss' office this week with those tips in mind and will hopefully see you all there!
Looking forward to it!



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