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February 02
Gather Your System Configuration with SPSReport

Ran across a great little utility today that will probably gather more information about your system than you'd ever want to know.  SPSReport which can be downloaded from CodePlex is designed to gather information about your 2003 or 2007 SharePoint installation and package it in a handy cab file that you can send off to Microsoft Support.

Another use that immediately comes to mind is if I was taking over a new MOSS installation and wanted to gather information about the system in one place.  There are more user friendly tools to do this, however, this is free off of

You should also note that if you've moved your SharePoint log files to a custom location it currently has an issue incorporating that data into its Cab file.  I'm sure the developer will fix that in future releases.

However, there are some interesting things that it gathers that I have used for my own review.  Here's a sample log file to show you what it gathers:

Mon 02/02/2009 18:41:33.98: Microsoft Platform Support Reporting Tool V3.0.0.8 - Portal - FULL - NOISY - OPEN begin
Mon 02/02/2009 18:41:34.02: Initializing WMIC (if needed)                                                     
Mon 02/02/2009 18:41:37.98: Gathering Application Event Log 
Mon 02/02/2009 18:41:50.87: Gathering System Event Log      
Mon 02/02/2009 18:41:52.01: Gathering Processes List                      
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:12.90: Gathering list of services installed and their current state  
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:14.96: Gathering Operating System information        
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:15.20: Gathering Group Policy Information with GPResult.exe            
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:15.45: Gathering Hotfix timeline log                                
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:15.51: Gathering hotfix state information                                
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:32.99: Gathering hosts file                                          
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.01: Gathering ULS Log files                                       
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.04:   Generating CAB file for ULS Log Files          
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.06:   Preparing CAB package for ULS Log Files on SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.14:   Completed generating SERVER_ULSLogFiles.CAB file for SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.14: Gathering PSC Diagnostic Log files                            
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.18:   Generating CAB file for PSCDiagnostics Log Files          
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.18:   Preparing CAB package for PSCDiagnostics Log Files on SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.23:   Completed generating SIRE_PSCDiagLogFiles.CAB file for SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.24: Gathering Windows SharePoint Services System Information  (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions)
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.31: Gathering Office Server Registry Information (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office Server)
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:33.37: Gathering file version information from the SharePoint bin folder                 
Mon 02/02/2009 18:42:59.78: Gathering file version information from the OfficeServer bin folder                       
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:04.87: Gathering file version information for the GAC                            
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:09.18: Gathering IIS Metabase Snapshot                                           
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:09.62: Gathering tasklist information                                        
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:09.71: Gathering Network Information                                         
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:10.75: Gathering Enviroment variables                                        
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:10.75: Gathering scheduled task information                                  
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:11.04: Gathering IISWeb information                                          
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:13.07: Gathering SQL Template files                                  
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:13.11:   Generating CAB file for SQL Template Files          
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:13.11:   Preparing CAB package for SQL Template Files on SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:16.25:   Completed generating SERVER_SPSSQLTemplates.CAB file for SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:16.26: Capturing the boot.ini file                                    
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:16.26: Capturing the NLB display information                     
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:16.32: Collecting topology and system information via stsadm                         
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:45.23: Gathering hyperthreading information                                              
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:45.28: Gathering startup information via WMI 
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:46.22: Gathering list of programs from the Add/Remove Program via WMI
Mon 02/02/2009 18:43:46.45: Gathering Event Log
Mon 02/02/2009 18:44:09.28: Gathering System Event log 
Mon 02/02/2009 18:44:21.78: Gathering All Event logs in native format
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:49.94:   Collecting Event Logs for SERVER  
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:49.96:   Preparing CAB package for Event Logs on SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:51.77:   Completed generating SERVER_EventLogs.CAB file for SERVER
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:51.79: Gathering Installed HotFix Information
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:51.83: Gathering list of QFE fixes installed via WMI       
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:53.27: Gathering Internet Settings
Mon 02/02/2009 18:46:53.30: Gathering Windows 2003 System Information Report                      
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:07.37: Gathering SQL Server information                                      
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:07.38: Gathering SQL Server COM Information
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:07.38: Gathering Microsoft SQL Server Information                            
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:07.43: Gathering file version information for Ole DB providers                                
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:08.37: Gathering file version information for Microsoft Single Sign-on                        
Mon 02/02/2009 18:49:08.37: Gathering MD5 sums for Ole DB providers                               
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
Start Time: 02/02/2009 at 18h49'08''
Error loading XML document.
Create New XML database
End Time..: 02/02/2009 at 18h49'10'

All in all a good tool for certain uses.



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