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April 23
Thanx to All Who Attended: Los Angeles SoCal SharePoint Users Group Meeting
Thanx to everyone who attended tonight's Los Angele SharePoint User Group meeting hosted by Quickstart and sponsored by 6th Street Consulting and CorasWorks.  It was a great and interactive group of folks and I really felt like information was being exchanged from the trenches.  This was the goal of the Governing Committee when we set out to do something different in this space.

I'll look forward to seeing all of you on May 28th when we meet again in the same location.  Become a part of our LinkedIn or Facebook Groups so you can stay up on all the current events.

Henry Ong spoke about content types and the power of metadata in SharePoint.  It made me remember yet again that we are teaching people a new way to interface with information.  Gone is the old folder structure and it is replaced by intelligent tagging of information. Once those tags are in place - either by an automated import procedure, custom columns in content types or users tagging information as they upload it - a whole new way of managing our information is at our fingertips.

As SharePoint professionals we have an opportunity to help businesses become more efficient and people become more fulfilled in their work by spending less time on finding information and more time using it!  Let the games begin!

Below are a couple of the tools that Henry spoke about during the developer section of his presentation. 

Developer Tools:

SharePoint Manager Object Explorer


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