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July 06
AIIM's 8 Things Series and My Article on Workflow & BPE
John Mancini and the AIIM crew are publishing an "8 Things" series which is focusing on 8 things you need to know about a wide variety of ECM topics.  I was lucky enough to get selected for inclusion.  Click thru to see my article on the 8 Things You Need to Know about Workflow and Business Process Engineering which was published on Monday.  The index of the articles is worth reviewing too with some really good topics. 
A fellow SharePoint architect Dan Antion wrote an article as well on 8 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Document ManagementHe has a cool blog over at which is also a great read from his practical experience.
I hope you enjoy the AIIM series.  I like the 8 Things format because there is so much information to master in this space it is important to take it a few bites at a time.   


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