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September 29 - A Must See SharePoint Site
Yesterday via Twitter I was alerted to the launch of, a government destination site for us to see where our money is being spent and what's happening.  I'm thrilled to see government embracing collaboration and transparency, both initiatives which are many years overdue.  You can follow their official Twitter account at @RecoveryDotGov.

I clicked thru to the site and was very pleased to see a clear consistent user interface, excellent branding, useful information with BI like controls and drill down on a fast and responsive backend.  WOW - THIS is a government website???  Gov2.0 is really here!

Next, being the inquisitive person I am, I wanted to know WHO did this jewel.  I asked around and monitored my feed and finally saw a Twitter link to
Dean Halstead's blog (@DeanHalstead).  He was a member of the project team and notes that this baby is scalable, utilizes Amazon Cloud Services and - wait for it - launched in 3 months!  I did find another team member, but they are not publicly discussing their involvement so I'll respect that here.

I am thrilled to see government initiatives stepping up to the types of project quality and launch deadlines that exist in the private sector.  I am also hopeful that people will utilize this information to be more involved and understand the state of affairs in the nation.

To say I am jealous of the launch timetable and the skills of the team involved would be an understatement, but what I love most about this community is that there is always something to learn and be inspired by.   I would love to understand the way the technology was utilized to create the site and be a fly on the wall of their project meetings!  Consider this my plea for a true best practices article on this launch and the integration behind it!

Thanx to the team for not only doing great tech work but truly being of service to the population as a whole. Now THAT's a project!



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