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February 02
Taxonomy Presentation in Irvine
Thank you to the enthusiastic crowd who came out for our taxonomy presentation at QuickStart in Irvine.  It is always a great event when I can learn as much as I teach. 
For those of you who were interested I have posted a PDF of the presentation for your review.  Remember that this presentation is geared toward implementation notes and not the theory of taxonomy.  For more detailed information on taxonomy from our presentation don't forget to visit the great guys at who presented with me.
Taxonomy and governance are tough topics that in our current economic environment seem too difficult to address.  My contention is that to create a mature SharePoint implementation and truly gain repeatable value from it both topics must be addressed and NOW!
I am always interested to hear about your war stories on this, and any other issue.  Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know how your taxonomy projects are going.


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