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February 12
Why the SharePoint Technology Conference is a Great Event
SPTechCon has just wound up here in San Francisco and once again I'm happy that I attended.  Approximately 1000 people were registered for this event.  The smaller size allows you to have some great interactions with the MVP community and more importantly real people who are implementing solutions within their companies.
For me it is very important to stay tied to what is happening out in the real world vs. what various vendors and consultants might tell me.  It isn't that those vendors or consultants aren't telling me the truth - it's just that it is their job to be focused on future technology.  They have to be ready when the customer base decides it wants to implement the new options we have with SharePoint 2010.
What is inspiring to me is listening to all the real people who are making this investment in their careers along the Knowledge Worker path in its various permutations.  We are solving real business problems for real people and consequently having a true effect on the bottom line in business.  This is my passion and I love to see it embraced by so many other people.
SPTechCon is always a well run event with friendly staff and an amazing array of information.  I count my blessings that I'm involved in such a community.
If you are on Twitter you can search the term #SPTechCon and see the conversation.  Hop in and be a part of it!


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