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May 13
BI & Social Networking TweetJam
Today I'm participating in a TweetJam hosted by Forrester on the issue of BI & social networking as well as other topics.  With the advent of so many social networking and BI features available to us in the SharePoint world it becomes important to understand the business reasons for pursuing either objective. 

The group collectively feels that the term "Business Intelligence" is overused and under defined.  I agree.  As technologists we must

@neilraden Folks, BI was invented for Finance and Mktg to understand results. Everything else is add-on
jameskobielus @NeilRaden
No it wasn't. BI is many segments that, like federated tribes fabricating a common ancestry, emerged from many origins

Structured vs Unstructured - Reality or Hype?

Should historical and predictive live together?

Idea of Operational Intelligence and iterative Past, present, future analytics


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