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July 25
Migration to 2010

As some of you might have noticed my blog has been moved to SharePoint 2010.  Since I was on a shared WSS server it was more of a manual migration that a true production environment.  One invaluable tool was pointed out to me by @SharePointKris and that was Windows Live Writer.

This tool allowed me to pull up my posts in my old blog, reset the publish dates & categories and simply repost them to the new.  Doing this by hand for each of my posts would have been needlessly time consuming so I’m grateful for the tip!

My other list and libraries had no problems in their migration with the help of MS Access.  Just don’t “publish” the changes.  As soon as you copy in some information it is synchronized with your server.  Let’s hope I can keep that mojo as the team does the same work for my employer! 

I’m happy to be running the technology that we are all excited about and utilize its new features in my day to day work out here.  In an effort to just get up and running some of my design has not been transferred.  Working with the new master page will be my next weekend job!

Onward & upward!


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