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September 27
Now the Real Work Begins: Being Nominated to the SharePoint50 List

I couldn’t be more thrilled or excited to have been nominated to the SharePoint50 list last week!  If you haven’t heard of this list yet is is the result of a study commissioned by Global360 and KnowledgeLake.  The results are being segmented by category and of the 17 system integrators and consultants I was astounded to find my name!  There are many amazing people on this list and I encourage you to subscribe to the updates and learn about all of them. 

This is by no means a comprehensive catalog of all the important people out there in the ecosystem.  There are many people I know personally who were not present that surprised me.  What’s most important is that it identifies some amazing resources for people like my blog readers who are out there in the trenches using SharePoint in their own business environments. 

I am quite clear that it is my community work which put me on the radar to be considered for this honorable nomination.  I am unabashedly passionate about business requirements, strategy and most importantly – SharePoint User Groups.  For someone who has been a consultant for most of her technology career I feel it imperative to develop and build a user community that is reflective of the nature of SharePoint: collaborative, diverse and powerful.  In short, my tag line of “Sharing IS the Point” has never been more true.  That is why, much to the annoyance at times of my friends & family, I spend a good deal of my personal time working in the SharePoint community.  From to being the recent co-chair of SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles and all the speaking engagements in between these are things I do above and beyond my work for SKECHERS as their Director of Marketing Operations and Lead SharePoint Architect.

In the SharePoint community I have found a perfect home for my enthusiasm about technology, user interface, business requirements and our ability to make the lives of people better with our deployments.  Though sometimes it is a long, hard road I am committed to driving business value with the tools that we all have at our fingertips.  Being a geek at heart I love the technology but what really gets me excited is the marriage of technology and business.

This is why the real work begins in earnest now.  Not only am I motivated to keep my place on the list, but I hope that the exposure that it gives can allow me to spread this enthusiasm to a larger audience.  SharePoint is not just a development platform or where your intranet constructed.  It is a career development and advancement tool!  Every day within this space we have the ability to propel our conversations above the level of technology and feature sets.  We can speak to business about their needs and show our understanding of our businesses by delivering just that.  No matter what role you have in this ecosystem you have an opportunity to change people’s feelings about technology.  That is a powerful tool for change for you and your employer.

Over the next few months I’ll be speaking again on this topic and writing more about Enterprise Content Management strategy.  I’ll be turning my outline into a true white paper, recording a podcast for the SharePoint50 list folks and doing an upgrade on  I look forward to seeing you all on Twitter, at various community events and out here.  More than anything I want to encourage you to get involved!  You have a unique perspective that the SharePoint community and your business both need!  It’s time to step up! 


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